25 Steps to Home Buying During the Holidays #16

      Should You Take Your Home Off the Market for the Holidays?
          According to Zillow:

        1. Not necessarily. Today’s buyers check the listings 24×7. They’re driving to work with their morning coffee, they’re checking their phone at stoplights, and late night after kids are tucked in bed when they have a few spare minutes to look through Facebook.
        2. Inventory for good homes tightens this time of year.
        3. Motivated buyers can move in between Thanksgiving and Christmas
        4. Demand for homes can increase at a time when inventory is traditionally low.

Step 16
Review the S.P.D.S – Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement with your Givepad agent.

According to Zillow, there are five things you should know about real estate disclosures.
1.) They are a buyer’s opportunity to learn as much as they can about the property and the seller’s experience in it. Things like leaky windows can be uncovered, or if the seller knows about a construction project nearby, this will have to be disclosed.
2.) Disclosures typically come in the form of a template by the state, where sellers answer a series of yes or no questions about their home, their experience, and any documented communication between neighbors, or previous owners about a substantial defect.
3.) Inspections may reveal more than disclosures. Buyers should always do a full property inspection before moving forward with the purchase. Sellers could have already had their home inspected, and would in this case, supply the written report to the buyer.
4.) Some sellers may present the disclosure statement before an offer. It’s smart because it saves everyone time, hassle, and expense by preventing deals from falling apart once they’re in escrow.
Regardless of when the disclosure statement is presented, buyers must sign off on everything. It’s important to review each document carefully and ask questions if needed.

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