25 Steps to Home Buying During the Holidays #17

      Should You Take Your Home Off the Market for the Holidays?
          According to Zillow:

        1. Not necessarily. Today’s buyers check the listings 24×7. They’re driving to work with their morning coffee, they’re checking their phone at stoplights, and late night after kids are tucked in bed when they have a few spare minutes to look through Facebook.
        2. Inventory for good homes tightens this time of year.
        3. Motivated buyers can move in between Thanksgiving and Christmas
        4. Demand for homes can increase at a time when inventory is traditionally low.

Step 17
Negotiate the price, closing date and terms in accordance with what you and your Givepad agent have discussed.


According to HSH there are four ways to pick the best closing date:
1.) Consider the end of the month if cash is low. This will reduce the amount of prepaid interest you have to pay.
2.) Know when you’re ready to move. Pick a date that you will have your previous property taken care of, likely the move-out date, with the move-in date of your new home. This will avoid having to pay for temporary housing between moves.
3.) Beat the holiday rush. In the event of a delay your closing could get pushed into the next week, or after a holiday. Aim for a mid-week closing, that allows for leeway in case there’s a small delay.

4.) Double check with your mortgage bank to make sure their calendar aligns with your proposed closing date so funding will be smooth and the deal will close.

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