Why You Should Buy a New House Before Selling Your Existing Home


Right now, our Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley real estate market is a Buyer’s Market. For clients considering moving into a new home, there’s a new strategy at play; buy your new home first, then sell your old home. Why? In a buyer’s market, you have your pick of the houses for sale and can negotiate a better offer.

Buy First, then Sell

Here are 4 reasons to use this strategy:

1.) You have time to look for your perfect new dream home at the best price now, instead of having to sell your existing home and competing against others marketing to the same set of buyers.

2.)  Sellers who are having a hard time finding a buyer are likely to accept a contingency that you sell your house first, as part of the offer. Be sure to have reasons ready why your house will sell quickly.

3.) You save on moving costs. If you listed your home first, before buying a new one, you would need to move twice- first to temporary housing, then to your new home. If you already bought your new home, then it’s only a one-time move.

4.) You know where you’re going. There is no guess work, and you’re more emotionally equipped to leave your current residence when you know what lies ahead.

5.) If the home you’re planning on buying doesn’t appraise, or the seller won’t fix cosmetic or mechanical issues to bring the home up to the standard you’re looking for, then you won’t find yourself settling for something less than you really want, because you still have possession of your existing home.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a home, contact:

Zillow Premier Agent
Michael Johnson

480 229 0123




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