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Troon North: Scottsdale, Arizona Neighborhood

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Troon North is a 1,800 acre master-planned community with hundreds of mountain preservation land. Located in North Scottsdale, just east of Pima Road, and along the north and south side of Dynamite Road, this community is remotely located but still offers the conveniences and amenities of Scottsdale. Troon North isn’t just about golf; hiking and biking opportunities are abundant as trails wind in and around the community through lush desert vegetation, flat washes, and large boulders.

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25 Steps to Home Buying During the Holidays #13

      Should You Take Your Home Off the Market for the Holidays?
          According to Zillow:

        1. Not necessarily. Today’s buyers check the listings 24×7. They’re driving to work with their morning coffee, they’re checking their phone at stoplights, and late night after kids are tucked in bed when they have a few spare minutes to look through Facebook.
        2. Inventory for good homes tightens this time of year.
        3. Motivated buyers can move in between Thanksgiving and Christmas
        4. Demand for homes can increase at a time when inventory is traditionally low.

Step 13
Complete your Residential Purchase Contract with your Givepad Agent

a woman signs a purchase contract for a home with a Givepad real estate agent.

According to Real Estate Lawyers this contract will include:

  • Property address and/or legal description.
  • Purchase price you’re offering.
  • Amount of down payment (how much cash you will put down, if you’re taking out a loan for the remainder).
  • A mortgage contingency provision, which allows you to be released from your offer if you’re unable to obtain a loan in a specific amount at a specific interest rate within a specific amount of time (usually between 30 and 60 days).
  • Amount of earnest money deposit (confusingly referred to as a “downpayment” in New York state).
  • How long the offer will be open. You can limit the seller to not more than 48 hours to respond to your offer, to keep the seller from waiting for better bids from other buyers. (Of course, if the seller came back to you later, you might still want to accept.)
  • The date the sale will be finalized (“closed”).
  • The date you’ll be able to move in (“take possession”). In some situations, you and the seller might negotiate to let the seller rent the house back from you beyond the closing date, especially if the seller hasn’t yet bought another house.
  • Who will hold the earnest or deposit money (usually an escrow or title agent) and who will be the closing agent and/or escrow or title agent for the closing.
  • Items to be included in the sale, such as carpeting, lighting fixtures, appliances, and so forth.
  • Items not included in the sale (but which you might have thought would be included).
  • A guarantee from the seller that he or she will provide clear title to the home, through an abstract of title, certificate of title, or a title insurance policy.
  • A provision stating that the seller is responsible for paying utility bills, property taxes, insurance, and other house-related expenses through the closing date.
  • An inspection-contingency clause, which allows you, the buyer, to have the home inspected by a professional inspector, usually within a few days of the date of signing the contract. This provision should make your purchase offer contingent on a satisfactory inspection report.
  • Language that details when you can do a walk-through inspection, usually a day or two before the closing date, in order to make sure everything is ready, according to the guarantees made in the contract; in other words, that the place is reasonably clean, the seller has moved out, and the seller hasn’t taken property that was supposed to stay behind.
  • A provision requiring the seller to pay a certain amount of money for every day beyond the date of your occupancy that the house is not available for you to move into (often called a “liquidated damages clause”).
  • A clause making the offer contingent on you selling your current house, if you’ll need to do that before you can move.
  • Language that requires the canceling of the deal (and return of your earnest money deposit) if the sale isn’t completed due to other contingencies not having been fulfilled (for example, if you’ve made the deal contingent on checking out local crime rates or obtaining homeowners’ insurance on the house).

Even with a standard form contract, you should be able to cross portions out, insert addendums, or customize the contract to your (and the seller’s) needs.

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Sunridge Canyon: Scottsdale, Arizona Neighborhood

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SunRidge Canyon is a 789-unit master planned community located in magnificent Fountain Hills, Arizona. This neighborhood features 15 separate communities of single-family homes built around the renowned SunRidge Canyon Golf Course, which weaves its way through community. This master-planned golf community is home to high quality luxury properties and is known for its spectacular mountain and desert views.

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Silverleaf: Scottsdale, Arizona Area Neighborhood


Silverleaf is a distinctive 8,300 acre guard-gated enclave of million-dollar-plus homes cradled in the heart of the rugged McDowell Mountains. More than 4,600 acres are dedicated to open space. Silverleaf promises residents the very finest in upscale living in its far North Scottsdale perch. This upscale community in DC Ranch features many homes with incredible mountain views and incomparable panoramic views of the nighttime city lights.

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